A groundbreaking community that uplifts and amplifies the voices
and experiences of Black and Brown Yoga teachers

Dismantle & Disrupt

Do you want to see a community space where the Black cultural experience can be discussed safely?

Do you wish to see the yoga industry engaged in social justice work but don’t know how to use your platform or are afraid you’ll get it wrong?

Are you a studio or brand owner who wants to elevate representation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in your space?

In an industry where Black yogis have far too often been invisible, this is a call to action for our yoga communities to create positive change through meaningful dialogue.

The State of Union Yoga was created by Black and Brown yoga teachers, as an act of conscious protest to uplift and amplify BIPOC and their voices within the yoga community.

We are calling on the entire yoga industry to explore and unpack topics such as dismantling white supremacy, politics and community care, Black history and heritage, race based trauma, equity in our yoga culture, self inquiry, compassion, cultural humility, accessible yoga, cultural appropriation, how to become a better ally, and more. 

We’ll use embodied practices to self-reflect and sit with discomfort, feature town halls and guest panels to discover solutions and uplift those already doing this work, and follow up each lesson with tools and resources to take vital action and mobilize our communities.

Listen & Amplify

Each episode in this six-part series centers around the voices and experiences of BIPOC as it relates to one of the six branches of yoga: Hatha (movement), Bhakti (sound), Raja (self-reflection), Jnana (wisdom), Karma (selfless service), and Tantra (rituals).

Our panelists and interviewees are social justice pioneers, thought leaders, elders and young changemakers who have been laying the groundwork for decades. By using our voices and our lived experience, we can connect our culture and build bridges with allies who will create radical change.

This is a CALL TO ACTION to mobilize our yoga communities to dismantle white supremacy

This event is open to Yoga practitioners, membership organizations, ashrams, yoga studios, lifestyle brands, and festivals to begin to lean into the deeper and truly uncomfortable parts of these practices and dialogues.

Listening to these conversations will begin the crucial first step to heal the wounds of harm that have been upheld.

Join us for our first episode or register in advance for all 6 sessions. Future presenters include: Dianne Bondy, Faith Hunter, Dr. Gail Parker, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Maya Breuer, Crystal McCreary, Kerri Kelly, Jivana Heyman, Leo Rising, Jana Long, and more!

Anti-Racism Tools and Resources

In order for us to evolve into a society that views each and every person equally, we must be willing to unlearn the lessons taught to us by a system of oppression.

This resource guide is invaluable but it is just a supplement  to the actual work that needs to be done.


Have a question we didn’t answer here? Just contact us and we’ll get back to you soon with an answer. 

Where does this event happen?

All sessions will be offered live through Zoom, a videoconferencing application. You can watch and interact on your phone, tablet, or computer. All sessions will be live-captioned and available for replay (and downloading) after the session.

How do I join the event once I've registered?

We will send you an email a few days before the live session with the link to join.

Are scholarships available?

A limited number of scholarships are available for Black and Indigenous People of Color who are experiencing financial difficulties.
Apply here

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to attend?

No, there are no prerequisites to join. Anyone who is part of the global yoga community can join us!

Do I need special software to watch?

You will need to install the Zoom application on your computer or device. You are welcome to watch and participate on your phone, tablet, or other internet-connected device. Appearing on video or speaking on the mic is not required at all.

We recommend installing the Zoom application on your device to get the full functionality.

A limited number of scholarships are available for Black and Indigenous People of Color who are experiencing financial difficulties. Apply here.

In support of our commitment to service as yogis, we will ensure that 50% of every purchase (after taxes and service fees) goes to each presenter's charity of choice. We strive for an equitable and trauma free future, so the remaining 50% of every purchase will be given to the presenters equally to pay for their emotional labor.

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