2020 State of Union Yoga Address

Episode 1
The Power of Sound

Explore finding your voice, activism and politics, and how to become a good ally along with mantra and kirtan practices to get out of your head and into your heart space to do this work.

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Episode 2
Movements of Change

In this episode we are bringing together the icons of our culture to show us how we choose to restore and react, use our physical and mental muscles to bring alignment for change and how Black and Brown bodies are (un)seen in yoga spaces.

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Episode 3
Wisdom of Listening

The speakers featured in episode three will share wisdom from ancient texts and modern day teachings. By sharing these diverse perspectives, you will feel empowered with tools to achieve results through reflective listening and study.

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Episode 4
The Evolution of Spiritual Practice in a Material World

In Episode No. 4 Maya Breuer, Kelley Palmer, Mazin Jamal, Chris O’bryan and Co-host’s Shankari Goldstein and J Miles, will be sharing their insights on Karma Yoga, selfless service, reparations, community care, equity in white spaces, and how we can create reform in our Yoga industry.

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Episode 5
Getting to Know the Universal Mind

We will also seek to understand how we tap into the power of manifestation, innovative ideas and solutions for these challenging times. Right now the space of fear is a tool that is dividing us in our society. How can we begin to use our mind to create pathways for love and progress?

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Episode 6
Taking Back the Roots of Yoga

In a world that seems to be intent on being in a state of confusion, holistic practitioners are thankful to have access to a wealth of tools that provide us with an opportunity to sit and be in observation of our current condition. But how do we weave together wellness practices to fit our contemporary needs, while paying homage to the ancient architects and cultures?

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