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Take Action

With the passing of the Notorious RBG, it is more important than ever to get involved and get out the vote! Here is a list of incredible political resources to help you stay informed and to know and keep your rights.

  • WhenWeAllVote has put together amazing resources, from knowing your rights to state-by-state information. Not sure if you’re registered? You can check here!
  • lists polling stations, gives you election reminders, and helps you register to vote, and more! Better yet, they have broken it up by state.
  • 2020 is more than the Presidential election. State legislators and governors will also be up for election this November. These are just as important, so it is extremely important that you read up on the candidates in your state!
  • There is A LOT of information floating around regarding the elections. Every media outlet has something to say about what is going on in the political sphere. While it is super important to stay up to date, it is equally as important to know what it is you are reading (media literacy)
  • The GoodTrade has listed a few news resources and podcasts, as well as apps that are more neutral in their reporting. 
  • CNN listed 25 ways to be (and stay) politically active, no matter which direction you might lean

Become a Vote Mobilizer

Want to become a Vote Mobilizer with Reggie Hubbard’s Moveon Organization?

Help mobilize our wellness communities

Join Kerri Kelly and CTZNWELL as they continue their VOTEWELL campaign. This campaign will help mobilize our wellness communities to get out and VOTE! We are coming together in the name of Love, Justice and Uniting our Voices to change the course of society! 

Show Support

Many of you asked how you could show support and invest in our panelists for their Emotional Labor, sharing of service, and support their projects even further. Below we have provided you with each panelists website, and investment links.

Kerri Kelly – NA

Reggie HubbardVenmo:  oreggieglobal, CashApp: $oreggieglobal

Oneika Mays – Venmo: @Oneika-Mays

Shankari GoldsteinVenmo @shankari-goldstein, Cashapp: $shankarigoldstein

Yogi J Miles Venmo: @Yogij, Cashapp: $Yogij