Episode 5
Getting to Know the Universal Mind

Tuesday, October 27

6pm EDT/3pm PDT LIVE


When we experience a problem it stands to reason that there will be a natural solution, no? In the midst of these challenging times it can be hard to see a positive light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of life. In this episode we will discuss the scientific elements of the mind and how we tap into each human’s Universal Nature and Oneness. How can we truly acknowledge that we are one “piece” of a bigger “whole”? This episode will resonate with those who want to truly be the director of their lives and tap into that divine life force or energy that resides in us all. 

We will also seek to understand how we tap into the power of manifestation, innovative ideas and solutions for these challenging times. Right now the space of fear is a tool that is dividing us in our society. How can we begin to use our mind to create pathways for love and progress?

Join Jana Long, Jasmine Hines, Ashley Williams and Co-Hosts, Shankari Goldstein and Yogi J Miles as they dive into this treasure of the world, The Human Mind. 



J Miles


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