Episode 5: Getting to Know the Universal Mind


  • David Lipsius
    David Lipsius

    David Lipsius is a values-driven nonprofit executive, Emmy-nominated creative artist, and teacher of traditional Hatha Yoga dedicated to helping people discover their unlimited potential.

    David began his career at NBCUniversal where he worked as a producer, director, and advertising professional. In 2011, he left his position as vice president of creative services at NBC News Marketing to dedicate himself to serving nonprofit yoga institutions in need of strategic and mindful leadership.

    He has since served as the CEO of Kripalu Center of Yoga & Health, and as President & CEO of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Foundation, helping each organization amplify and expand their educational and charitable offerings.

    Today, David advises individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their social impact through strategic and inclusive leadership. He has studied yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation for over 18 years.

  • Jasmine Hines
    Jasmine Hines
    RYT 200

    Jasmine C. HinesRYT 200, is a mother, cultural organizer, creator of the Amplify and Activate Summit, and founder of the Inspower Agency. Operating from the belief that change begins within, the Inspower Agency’s mission is to co-create actionable paradigm shifts at the intersection of desires and needs that enable and empower organizations, groups, and individuals. The firm specializes in organizational strategy, program design, team building, leadership development and coaching. Grounded in diversity, inclusion, equity, and social change, the firm’s work is known for being creative, innovative, and effective.

    Jasmine uses her experience, education, and talents to campaign for change in her community. With more than 10 years of experience working in the Charlotte, NC construction industry, Jasmine uses a collaborative approach to build bridges of trust among diverse groups, optimizing effectiveness and communication. Through her leadership, Jasmine has consistently delivered cutting edge programming with transformative effects. The Amplify and Activate Summit is her most recent work that launched in December 2017.  It is an interactive, inquiry-based learning community that lives at the intersection of yoga, social justice and self care. This collaboration, led primarily by of women of color, employs tools from yoga to dispel the myths of race and eradicate the harmful effects of white supremacy and racism while fortifying people in their work to reconnect human spirits.

    In 2016, she wrote a proclamation to the city of Charlotte declaring December 4th as Self Care Day, thereby challenging the current power structure. The proclamation called for the government and citizens to recognize and acknowledge that the primary source of power is in the hands of the citizens. Additionally, it encourages citizens to take back their power by learning and then implementing practical strategies to address their critical needs.

    Jasmine is a graduate of UCLA and earned a Master of Science in Organization Development from the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte. She is passionate about physical activity and sports; she is a former volleyball and basketball player and also trained professionally in Olympic style weightlifting with the aim of reaching the 2000 Olympics for the debut of the sport. She enjoys yoga, long nature walks, and encouraging her daughter’s budding athletic career.

    Website: theinspoweragency.orgIG – @theblacklotusspeaksIG – @amplifyandactivatecltIG – @inspoweragency

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  • Shankari Goldstein
    Shankari Goldstein
    She/Her/Hers - Host and Farmer

    Shankari Goldstein, is a farmer, activist, event planner, and yoga teacher. She focuses on how to incorporate community, wellness, peace, sustainability, and activism into the landscape of modern Yoga and sustainable living.

    Shankari is the founder and creative energy behind such projects as Shensara Yoga Festival, Shakti Tribe, Waddle Om Farm, The Ascendants, and The State of Union (Yoga) Address. Her ability to tie in Regenerative energy in the way she tends to her farm and Yoga practice gives her a deep sense of home. Whether it’s your self-care routine, connection with nature and spirit, community, family, or an awareness of how to harness our higher purpose and power, humanity craves a sense of belonging and intern connectedness. 

    When we trust and believe in our divine soul light, we move into the place of truth and passion. Shankari strives to help those seeking a more simple approach to life cultivate a strong awareness of self, nature, and community.

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  • Yogi J Miles
    Yogi J Miles
    He/Him - Host and Owner of Maha Vira Yoga

    I am a Yogi, martial artist, bodyworker, retired breakdancer, community activist, and the son of a Baptist minister, and have been learning and studying eastern arts and philosophy for nearly two decades. But movement itself, and creativity and exploration of movement through dance has always been a constant source of curiosity and confidence. From learning how to headstand at five from my father, to walking on my hands and tumbling as an adolescent, to playing sports as a teen, to poppin and lockin, I’ve always been moving. These all came together for me in the Brazilian art of Capoeira, with its precision and elegance, freedom and beauty. That inexplicably led me to Hung Gar kung fu and my first real Teacher, who unknowingly led me to yoga. From books by Muata Ashby, to the teachings of Swami Satchidananda and Integral Yoga, along with Ashtanga, Jivamukti and other prominent systems of yoga, my “style” has crafted a style tempered by real life and humor, and relies on the importance of breath as a guide and a source of strength. My classes aim to create for each person a fluid, sustainable and enjoyable practice that hopefully will prove to be beneficial over a lifetime. And even as this ancient practice continues to evolve, the mantra continues to be “practice is effort toward steadiness of mind”.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 06 2021
  • Time: 7:00 pm


May 06 2021


8:00 pm

Episode 5: Getting to Know the Universal Mind

When we experience a problem it stands to reason that there will be a natural solution, no? In the midst of these challenging times it can be hard to see a positive light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of life. In this episode we will discuss the scientific elements of the mind and how we tap into each human’s Universal Nature and Oneness. How can we truly acknowledge that we are one “piece” of a bigger “whole”? This episode will resonate with those who want to truly be the director of their lives and tap into that divine life force or energy that resides in us all.

We will also seek to understand how we tap into the power of manifestation, innovative ideas and solutions for these challenging times. Right now the space of fear is a tool that is dividing us in our society. How can we begin to use our mind to create pathways for love and progress?

Join Jana Long, Jasmine Hines, Ashley Williams and Co-Hosts, Shankari Goldstein and Yogi J Miles as they dive into this treasure of the world, The Human Mind.

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