Fostering Yoga Principles for Social Change Workshop


  • Lila Lucy Nelson
    Lila Lucy Nelson
    Yoga Instructor, Educator

    Rev. Lílā Lucy Nelson, E-RYT500, MS, is an ordained Interfaith Minister, Interspiritual Counselor and a teacher trainer at Integral Yoga Institute. She has worked in Human and Community Services spaces and has fostered profound changes with the lenses of organizational psychology. She is also a certified teacher in Meditation, Raja Yoga, a Positive Psychology Coach, and EFT practitioner. She facilitates Satsang, teaches workshops and courses, and conducts speaking engagements as a Stress Management Educator. Lila nurtures discovery, spiritual direction, transition, and deep listening.

  • Shankari Goldstein
    Shankari Goldstein
    She/Her/Hers - Host and Farmer

    Shankari Goldstein, is a farmer, activist, event planner, and yoga teacher. She focuses on how to incorporate community, wellness, peace, sustainability, and activism into the landscape of modern Yoga and sustainable living.

    Shankari is the founder and creative energy behind such projects as Shensara Yoga Festival, Shakti Tribe, Waddle Om Farm, The Ascendants, and The State of Union (Yoga) Address. Her ability to tie in Regenerative energy in the way she tends to her farm and Yoga practice gives her a deep sense of home. Whether it’s your self-care routine, connection with nature and spirit, community, family, or an awareness of how to harness our higher purpose and power, humanity craves a sense of belonging and intern connectedness. 

    When we trust and believe in our divine soul light, we move into the place of truth and passion. Shankari strives to help those seeking a more simple approach to life cultivate a strong awareness of self, nature, and community.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 19 2021
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Aug 19 2021


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Fostering Yoga Principles for Social Change Workshop

Join Shankari Goldstein and Rev. Lila Lucy Nelson, for this rich 90 min workshop on how you can use the ethics and teachings of Yoga to create social change and activism within your community. They will discuss pathways to healing which include advocacy and courageous ideals. We will dive into some of the following questions:

  • What does it look like to examine one’s own culture and your own inner spirit and shadows?
  • How do the Niyama’s and Yama’s make space for equality and action?
  • How do we begin to build bridges and move into reformation and reconciliation with communities that have been harmed?
  • What is the role and future for Contemplative Practices and Yogis in this profound moment?

* This workshop will include discussion and embodied contemplative practices.

“At the end of a very full hour workshop on Fostering Yoga Principles for Social Change with Shankari Goldstein and Rev. Lila Lucy Nelson we are invited to contemplate what is possible. At this point I am beyond words and in a very powerful place of knowing. Two beautiful women, clear faced, brave, articulate, engaging and passionate have guided my intellect into my heart. In my heart I discover myself as pure vibration, in resonance with the one song of peace, radiant and confident that I can center justice and equity in my practice, in my business, in all my relationships..
This is a no fluff seminar, in fact this is probably one of the most action packed learning experiences I’ve had. So I walk away with tools to be a good ally to Black, Indigenous, People of Color also known as the Global Majority in the dismantling of systemic violence and oppression that favors a white minority. They are the tools of yoga through a social justice lens. We are encouraged to look up Martin Luther King Jr. and his Six Principles of Non Violence and contemplate how to embody them. I love the first, Non Violence is not for the faint of heart!
Both women are very very present, it’s impossible to bypass their call for collective liberation. They are not going to let us. Be warned, be inspired! Shankari and Lila break down complex and uncomfortable conversations around white supremacy, they make the clear link that if we are not working to release our unconscious biases we are upholding systemic racism and we are not practicing yoga. We are motivated to find truth for ourselves, how we can honor the lived experience of our BIPOC kin, how we can listen deeply to their wisdom, how personal freedom is inextricable from collective freedom. 
Shankari and Lila are generous and powerful teachers. I recommend you walk in their light.”
Anne Everitt
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