Healing Circle with Amanda St. Maur


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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 07 2021
  • Time: 6:00 pm

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Jul 07 2021


7:00 pm

Healing Circle with Amanda St. Maur

Honoring Safe Space for Our Community Members of Color

As we begin to shape the quality of our individual and collective experience we also create spaces and opportunities for global majority or POC spaces and voices to be amplified. This will look like divesting resources from historically white dominated spaces to allow POC to shine, because right now the Black community in particular is lifting up wellness, rest, and joy as a birthright.

“It is only with the liberation and amplification of Black people and spaces that humanity can be freed from it’s chains of oppression, just as Black people cannot be liberated while humanity is in chains.” (BROC statement, 2016)

Affinity groups for non-white identifying people creates an opportunity to unpack emotional, spiritual, and the subtle impacts of racism without the burden of having to teach White culture about these complex issues. To further advance racial equity it’s also important for White caucuses to be formed in your communities. This allows White people to unpack their own culture and privilege. 

This work around equity and building kinship will be layered. However when it’s transmitted thoughtfully and with education under our wings it will deconstruct rather than amplify systems of suffering. Wanna learn more about the importance of spaces for the global majority? Read this thorough article from The Arrow.

Stay in the Vibration of Empathy

So here’s how this event will work: 

  • If you identify as an ally, please donate to support Amanda’s work. 
  • And if you identify as BIPOC or Global Majority, this event is available to you at no cost!

We hope you’ll join us, whether you’re supporting or attending. We’re all in this together, and all have important roles to play.

Now down to the details.

Meditation and Healing Session with Amanda St. Maur

Amanda will offer a 30-minute guided meditation and healing for anyone who identifies as BIPOC/Global Majority. It will simply be a relaxing self-care moment in a gentle and safe space, with an opportunity for questions and discussion afterward. Anyone who identifies as BIPOC/Global Majority is welcome, regardless of experience with meditation or energy healing.

This event is for anyone who identifies as BIPOC/Global Majority.

For allies and non-BIPOC members of our community, we’ll share an opportunity by clicking the register button to support this important work.