Alle K

Alle K (they/he) is a queer, fat, trans masc activist, educator and certified Yoga Instructor currently based in Asheville, North Carolina and all over the world (zoom). He provides LGBTQIA+ inclusive, trauma-informed, weight-neutral yoga classes online. Allé is a spaceholder, a connector and a disruptor. His business rejects capitalism, white supremacy, the patriarchy, fat phobia, transphobia, xenophobia and the gender binary, amongst other cistems.

Allé completed their 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Dharma Yoga Center in 2017 and has been teaching ever since. He never meant to become a teacher; they just wanted to learn more about the practices in order to heal theirself. While unemployed and un-housed, they had ample time to practice teaching to their friends and realized they enjoyed it. It quickly became a career, in the most beautiful, unforced, natural way…

Over a year ago, Allé began teaching weekly Queer/ Trans/ Non-Binary Yoga classes. He soon began teaching extended workshops for the community and continued when life moved online. This class has been a true gift of healing, as he began to medically transition with the support of a wonderful queer, trans community.

Allé’s classes center people who are usually left out of the traditional yoga spaces, like fat, queer, trans and neurodivergent folks. He offers space to listen to your body and leads from a trauma informed lens. Allé is passionate about making yoga accessible for folks who are not seen on the covers of yoga magazines and on teacher training faculty.

They remain a student of yoga + movement and take several classes a week with underrepresented yoga teachers.