Ashley Williams

Ashley is an advocate for self care, social justice and community building that bridges yoga, mindfulness and trauma-informed initiatives in a wide range of local/state government agencies, universities and community organizations. She is full of inspiration and light, and uses her time and efforts to create spaces for people to be empowered and healed. Ashley’s intention is to provide a safe, alignment and somatic-based class that guides individuals through all levels of their being.  Three words to describe her teaching style are intentional, creative and mindful.  As a yoga therapist, Ashley is humbled to work with individuals and small groups experiencing specific physical, energetic or mental/emotional health conditions.  Her work is rooted in listening to an individual’s challenges, facilitating the process that guides them to understanding what prevents them from living their most authentic self, and offering tools to ignite and empower them to their most authentic, balanced self.

Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

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