David Lipsius

David Lipsius is a values-driven nonprofit executive, Emmy-nominated creative artist, and teacher of traditional Hatha Yoga dedicated to helping people discover their unlimited potential. 

David began his career at NBCUniversal where he worked as a producer, director, and advertising professional. In 2011, he left his position as vice president of creative services at NBC News Marketing to dedicate himself to serving nonprofit yoga institutions in need of strategic and mindful leadership. 

He has since served as the CEO of Kripalu Center of Yoga & Health, and as President & CEO of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Foundation, helping each organization amplify and expand their educational and charitable offerings. 

Today, David advises individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their social impact through strategic and inclusive leadership. He has studied yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation for over 18 years.

IG- @yoginsunited