Special Episode

Facing America’s Breath-taking Past & Present: Compassionate Yogic Considerations for an Urgent Collective Shift

Tuesday, October 6

6pm EDT/3pm PDT LIVE


In May 2020, we collectively watched our brother George Floyd be murdered. Our nation took a deep inhale as the polarizing conscious shift around systemic racism in the midst of a global pandemic took center stage. In our special Dharma Talk Episode, Crystal McCreary will lead us through an 8 min and 46-second meditation in honor of Floyd’s murder. The audience will also be able to engage Crystal in a Q+A and listen to a talk on the following:

Facing America’s Breath-taking Past & Present: Compassionate Yogic Considerations for an Urgent Collective Shift

The destabilizing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uprising to end systemic racism and state-sanctioned racist violence reveal the deep fissures in our society and demonstrate our struggle to embody our highest values. Our collective sense of grief and our literal and figurative asphyxiation present yoga practitioners with a powerful role to play as we engage our capacity to be like “connecting glue” that holds the tension and discomfort of our reality skillfully, heartfully, and truthfully. This talk and meditation practice will connect participants to some of the limbs and practices of yoga that are designed to cultivate the radical empathy needed right now to heal the trauma of racism within individuals as well as limbs that directly support the transformation and eradication of systems that have caused immeasurable historical harm to BIPOC in America. It will ask participants to critically consider the need to shift the dominant norm for yoga as individual and exclusive asana or exercise practice to one which makes yoga an active, relational, practical, and powerful tool that reconnects us to our highest potential: to experience love, truth, vitality, wholeness, and liberation as the nucleus around which our lives and communities revolve. 

This Dharma Talk will be a special episode that allows our participants to come on screen and ask their questions directly to our presenters. 

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